Father’s Day Firefighter Fundraiser for Adam Lamb

Bothell Fathers Day Fundraiser for Adam Lamb - Bothell Firefighter

On Father’s Day, Carolina Smoke BBQ and Catering is proudly joining the Bothell Firefighters to put together a fundraiser for Bothell Firefighter Adam Lamb. We are doing this to help a local Bothell Firefighter who has spent his life in the service of the Nation, our community and his family and who has fallen on hard times.

What: Father’s Day Fundraiser for Adam Lamb
Why: To benefit local Bothell Firefighter Adam Lamb and family
When: Father’s Day June 18th 11am-4pm
Where: The BBQ Shop at 24118 Bothell Everett Hwy building e100, Bothell, WA 98021
Details: To help, bring Dad up to the shop on June 18th, grab a PRIME grade beef burger or beef hotdog, chips and pop for a suggested donation of $10. If you wish to donate online, please do so here: https://square.link/u/VDSjFX0O

All proceeds go to Adam and his family. There will be live blues music by Joel Astley (12:30pm-3:30pm) and a fire truck up at the shop for kids to look at and play around.

Lieutenant Lamb or “Lambo” as he is known to his friends, is in his second fight with Cancer, this time he is fighting mesothelioma, a cold blooded killer he almost certainly caught working to protect us.  He is currently under the care of one of the best Mesothelioma Doctors in the world in Boston, He has been there for the last month where he recently underwent successful surgery to remove the tumor.

While it was touch and go for a bit, Lambo is a tenacious fighter and is now recovering before starting chemotherapy. As you can imagine his family currently is stretched to the limit and Carolina Smoke is working with the Bothell Firefighters to give them a hand! We hope you will join us for some delicious all to help Adam and his family.

Before becoming a Bothell Firefighter Lambo was a Captain in the Air Force where he served as a Combat Controller (CCT) these are warriors that are attached to Special Operations units like Special Forces and the SeALs to provide critical air support down range. Adam served at the tip of the spear for 6 Years before becoming a Bothell Firefighter.

For the last 25 Years Lambo has been protecting Bothell as a Firefighter, Lieutenant and Battalion Chief with the Bothell Fire Department. During his career he has been assigned to the Technical Rescue Team (TRT), as a medic the Bothell Police Special Response Team (SRT) and went and worked at Ground Zero after 9/11.  He was the first officer on the scene during the Main Street fire where he earned a Distinguished Unit Medal.

It is fitting that this fundraiser will occur on Father’s Day because Lambo’s proudest achievement is his Family.  They are the rock solid base that keeps him fighting through this mesothelioma.  His Wife of 32 Years Katherine is a much loved Counselor at  Woodinville High School. His pride and joy are his three children Dak (13), and the twins Praire and Iris(12).  We are hoping Adam and the Family will be at the fundraiser with us enjoying some delicious Father’s Day BBQ.  Because it’s Father’s Day we should give a heavenly shout out to Lambo’s Dad… retired full bird Colonel who met Adam’s Mom shortly before he stormed Utah Beach on D-Day.

Hope to see you all at Carolina Smoke on Fathers Day!  MUSIC, GRILLING, COMMUNITY AND A GREAT CAUSE sounds like a perfect day to us!

Carolina Smoke will be closed this Sunday and Monday, Sept. 2nd and Sept 3rd in order to give the employees of Carolina Smoke time off for all the hard work they do during the year. Thank you all for your business. We will be open again on Tuesday, Sept. 4th. Have a safe and happy Labor Day weekend!