Carolina Smoke BBQ Chicken Wings Catering

It’s true. Many people SAY they can cater an event, but how many can do it well? I was thinking about this in the morning today. I watched Dave and his crew smoke so much food… all of the communication and timing that it takes to get everything done is INSANE. Another thing that Dave and the crew do not waiver on is quality. Everything is on timers, temp is checked, rechecked, clock is watched, sauces are made BY HAND… I have no idea how these guys keep it straight.

My suggestion is that when you book a caterer for your Northwest wedding, birthday, anniversary or just ordinary party, make sure they have the catering chops that Dave and Carolina Smoke have… they just get it done. For instance, “whipping up” some slow smoked chicken (60 pieces) like it was nothing… insane.