Carolina Smoke food is so good because of time.

Carolina Smoke is known for its food. You know the one key ingredient Dave Hayward uses with all of his food?? Ready?? Time. Yep, that’s it, TIME. The difference between Carolina Smoke BBQ and the other guys is the TIME that Dave takes to make his food. He doesn’t do anything quick. BBQ is all about slow smoking, meticulous prepping. I mean seriously, have you see him trim a single brisket? He works that piece of meat like a sculpture works a slab of marble. He take fat off certain areas of the brisket and then leaves it on others.. and there is a method behind his madness.

My point is that when you come into Carolina Smoke BBQ and you taste the food remember, this did not happen by accident. Everything comes from Dave’s head and is looked over by Dave. He, in my opinion is the reason why this food is so good.