12 Jun

I’m David Hayward – the owner of Carolina Smoke BBQ Restaurant in Bothell, WA. This restaurant has always been a dream of mine and it finally came true in April of 2009. There were many people who were proud of me for opening the restaurant, but my two biggest fans were my daughter and son – Makaela and Branden. I love them both very much and having them be happy is my biggest desire in life.

On August 20, 2013, I almost lost all that was dear to me. I got up early that morning and was doing some work on the computer when my chest began to hurt and I began to sweat. My girlfriend called 911 and within five minutes the aid car arrived. The medics calmly told me I was having a heart attack and they needed to get me to the hospital asap.

Once we arrived at Evergreen Hospital, the doctors determined that a stent needed to be inserted in one of my arteries leading to the heart. I was being wheeled down to the cath lab where the procedure was to be done. I remember hearing “get the paddles” and then everything went black. My heart had stopped and I literally died. The next thing I remember is waking up in recovery and being told to lie still and not move. The stent had been put in and it was important to be still for about six hours.

I was then taken to a hospital room where all the people I care about were waiting for me. My first born – Makaela – stayed with me all day. She answered my phone, bought food for me at a store close by, and made sure that I kept still. She is definitely an inspiration to me.

I want to thank my family and friends, Evergreen Hospital and the staff that took such good care of me, and the medics who came to my house and their excellent care. I am very blessed to still be here.

Chester Dennis Jone Band will be playing at Rib Day I want to give back to the folks who have given me this second chance, Evergreen hospital. So, on June 14th from 11am-8pm Carolina Smoke will have a Rib Day to benefit Evergreen Hospital. On Rib Day I will not only be smoking up my babyback ribs, but I will also be smoking up some spare ribs and beef ribs. I will be donating the profits for the day to Evergreen Hospital as well as providing a jar to donate. I have also asked my good friend, Chester Dennis Jones to come play some blues for everyone (thanks Chet!). So please come out and help support Evergreen Hospital, I owe them my life.